“Ju” means “ten”, so nothing is kosher…

Caveat emptor about this blog, because someone made me have hallway party drinks last night, and even though I’ve decided that person is fired, it doesn’t change the face that this whole thing might be incomprehensible.

Today I had to sing “head and shoulders, knees and toes” for 45 minutes.  Are you kidding me right now?  Do you know how far my toes are, comparatively, to my head?  Do you know how difficult that is to do when you thought you were pointing at eggs for breakfast but it was shrimp fettuccine alfredo? 

I do love the fact that elementary English teachers know Jackity-Jack shit about English, though, because there’s nothing funnier than a first grader standing at her desk, solemnly asking a Japanese question that has clearly been eating at her for the week and a half, and having the teacher translate it as “do you have a lover?”

HAHAHA, first graders!  You said “lover”. 

I think I’m done and I’m going to bed.  You guys should try that pork stuff, though; it’s delicious…



2 thoughts on ““Ju” means “ten”, so nothing is kosher…

  1. Colleen Foster says:

    I’m still smiling thinking of you singing “head and shoulders, knees and toes, KNEES AND TOES” for 45 minutes.


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