Party Like It’s 1993

July 5, 2013

Once Ryan dressed like this with some stranger, and it was neat, so I took a picture.  If you had asked, I would have said no better shirt was made regarding the ‘90s, but I would have been patently wrong.


I know I already did a t-shirt entry, but this is my new all-time fave so you’re going to look at it, and you’re going to like it, okay?


I’m sorry the photo’s not more clear.  I was trying to be stealthy, but I was also aware that if I were a mom and some giant white weirdo were trying to be stealthy- with a camera- around my child, I would summon forth my dojo skills and fillet her like a fish market ninja.  

But seriously: “Moon the World 1993”?  This girl’s maybe four years old but she’s already the the most amazing person I’ve never met.  If she did, in fact, child prodigize her way into time travel, she did the coolest thing ever with it and then paused to make a wearable memento.  

Ahhh… I’ve finally found my hero. 


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