This is for all students who come upon this after having caught my slip today, when I got so excited about the angry samurai lego-man photo that I said “oh, this is going on the blog!” 

1) I never smoked those cigarettes.  Why anyone would want to put fire byproducts in their lungs in this kind of heat is beyond me, anyway.  It was an impulse purchase, and a useless one.  Smoking is gross and dumb.

2) I am wholly a legal drinker.  My brain has fully developed and has been since my mid-20s or so, at least as much as I’m letting it.  But if I drank too much at the karaoke place, let that be a lesson to you because I THINK I DIED THE NEXT DAY.

3) No defense about the porn store.  I really wanted that dress, and it was funny.

4) You weren’t supposed to see any of the swearing. 

Okay, today was super A-1 fun, though!  I can’t write about it because I have to go eat some delicious thing, and to be honest, my legs are three-quarters not attached to my body anymore because of the 12 miles we walked in the 90 degree heat… so I might get home later and collapse into bed with a rice mustache and a movie instead of writing. 

Tomorrow for sure, though, because today is chock full of great stories…


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