No, Sweetie, I’m Not Lady Gaga

Look!  I got this little superhero today:


But when you flip up the helmet, it’s me!  With a Beatle haircut!


I’m proud to say that this is the only souvenir I’ve purchased, not including the sake bottle that looks like it would hold the hell out of some fake flowers.  The little toy is awesome, though.  Some kid at school thought it was Lady Gaga, but that’s because all weirdly dressed white people look alike, I guess.

Today was fairly uneventful except for the seven mile walk and a couple of elevator rides, but I managed to put up with the Meddler, with whom I have to spend 27 hours this week, by reminding myself that when it’s during the school day, I’m getting paid for it.  I also managed to learn, by reading all the signs, that elephants are not allowed to litter here


and that turtles are not allowed to smoke.


For some reason I’m bone tired today, so sayonara, folks- I’m signing out.


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