Bunking in Bangkok

I don’t know why sliced bread gets all the comparative superlatives because of… there’s curry.  I tried my first Thai green curry yesterday morning, and it excited the living daylights out of me before I realized the “avocados” were crunchy.  In fact, I didn’t recognize a single ingredient outside of shrimp and rice, and there were at least four different kinds of green things, some leafy, some with skin.  I housed about half of it while every facial orifice poured freely, then dashed to the counter to pay.  

“Too spicy?”  

“No,” answered my pride, “but I have to go home RIGHT NOW.”

It was delicious, but I spent the rest of the day in my room.  I can’t necessarily chalk that up to the breakfast, though, and the experience didn’t deter me from trying the exact same thing today.

I want to go out in Bangkok- I really do, I mean I kind of do- but it’s more of a “want to want” than an “actual want”.  I don’t know if other teachers do this, but during the first few days of summer, I mostly go into hibernation mode and just sleep.  My body is tanked from excessive school year energy depletion, and I need that couple of days to refuel.  And it’s just great: naps, books, and eating.

I did that yesterday, and despite being in the number one nightlife place in the entire world, I’ll probably play the loser card again this eve.

Besides, I can’t help feeling conspicuously the tall, blonde foreigner.  Portland has Foreplay and Bangkok has Climax and I’m not sure I’m ready for either, with total strangers.  There will be no Indiscriminate Flirting Sundays here… just maybe some nighttime sobriety walks for photo ops.  Maybe.  We’re supposed to get eight inches in three days here, and that’s only fun for the Banana Club down the street.  I’m talking about rain, of course. 

Speaking of which, I’ve never seen such a concentration of condoms in my life!  (I’m not talking about rain anymore.)  I’m happy to see Thai people dealing with overpopulation so wisely, by the “not having babies” method rather than the “dying of syphilis” method.  Good call, locals.  I’m not sure this is where people make their best night decisions, so let’s avoid making them life decisions.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll head to Railay Beach for some more attractive activities: beaches, limestone rock climbing, and kayak spelunking.  I feel like the relaxation and less stenchy atmosphere will bring back my fun side.  

Not that I’m not loving this shut-in-ness!  It’s just that I’m reading my good stories instead of living them.




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