The Wonder Years High School Stage Dive Team

Moment of silence for the praying mantis that landed on my neck.  I thought it was a monkey attack, and reacted by thrusting my face in one direction and my shoulders and body in another, a move that would’ve made MJ proud.  The mantis ninja-moved onto my hand in reply.   I looked at it, determined its size to be sausagelike, and flicked it like I’ve never flicked before.  

The moment of silence, mind you, is out of respect… not for the dead, but for the brave.  The sucker lives, and thrives, and worships at the temple of the bugs.  

That’s right, bow to the kind of the insects!  

I said that because of Princess Bride.  I don’t know.  I’ve also been singing Led Zeppelin and quoting Spaceballs today, so shoot me.  

If I’m being melodramatic here, it’s because everything seems acute and surreal, and I feel like maybe my mind should follow suit.  I was sitting at the pool today- and yes, I know I’m steps from what’s been called the most beautiful beach in the world, but the pool has shade, and from shade I can still read my books and dip my dips (the pool- not tobacco- gross) and avoid my cancers, and I am thoroughly enjoying the beach at sunrise and sunset so don’t worry about it, okay?- and a lame monkey waddled by unassumingly, which was maybe the greatest thing since curry.  

Also, people watching is great at the pool.  This couple did the butterfly swim at each other today- in full goggles, mind you- and every time I thought they would smash into each other, somebody moved aside.  Butterfly chicken?  So weird.  

I don’t have a lot to say because I wasn’t exciting today.  It was beautiful, and I walked around and dipped and napped and ate weird stuff, but it was nothing eventful.

Maybe that’s part of the beauty.  



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