Thirty Minute Live Blog w/ Drinks

The bartender and I- and we’re the only people in here, maybe because I’m a Very Weird Mood and laughed so hard when I ordered ice cream and she ran into the street and bought me a Drumstick that the other patrons quickly paid their tabs and left- have discovered a mutual affinity for Eminem, One Republic, and Passenger. Thus, she’s sitting behind the bar cleaning glasses and I’m sitting in front of it, dirtying them. We’re both singing just as loud as we please, and it’s so great!

I haven’t really given Vietnam a fair shake because I went immediately into school recovery mode and slept straight for the first week I got the chance. It’s been lovely, though. Reading and napping and eating with no regard to clock. And this night makes up for all of it, because now we’re singing Love the Way You Lie like it’s New Year’s Eve or Tet or whatever and we’re in the living room champagne-ing like Barnes with all the grins.

I have to go live in the moment. Home soon!



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