It’s weird to go from a society that is uniform and (at least surface) conservative to one that’s made up of a bunch of jolly descendants of penal colonists, even more so since I’m pretty sure I booked myself into the red light district again. Club X (VERY adult toys) is a couple of doors down, and it’s advertising something in virtual reality in which I’m extremely curious in a purely scientific, of course, way. There’s also the airplane drinks store- featuring an excellent variety of nips- and the Clouds Blvd (tagline Lingerie, etc.: HAHAHA “etc”) store- also featuring an excellent variety of nips. Or things that barely cover them.

I just went to find breakfast and passed a place called “Two Sticks”. I honestly wondered if it was Asian food or a gay bar.

Anyway, I’m perfectly safe and the hotel is cheap. This is ideal because everything else here is just insanely expensive. Half a glass of club soda? Four bucks. Beers are like 10 dollars a pop, and I haven’t seen any Foster’s yet so I’m pretty sure what it’s actually Australian for is “marketing to idiot Americans”.

All that said, I LOVE Sydney! The city is super walkable, and I trucked around all day yesterday- although I mostly only took pictures of the Opera House in different lights and from different angles. People are friendly and open; I talked to more strangers in five hours than I did during my entire stint in Singapore.

This place has a soul, and I recommend it.

Today: Bondi Beach and Ice Cube. Tomorrow? I’m thinking Manly.

Let me know if you want any red light souvies.


2 thoughts on “Sydney

  1. Catherine V Johnson says:

    Glad you like Sydney Carrie! Be sure you hold a koala, shake hands with a kangaroo and laugh with a kookaburra before you leave Australia. You’ll be sorry if you don’t!!


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